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3L Flexible PCB Vehicle Backlight

  • Product Name: Vehicle Backlight Flex PCB
  • Type: FPC
  • Material: Polyimide
  • Substrate copper foil thickness: outer layer oz; inner layer 1/3 oz
  • Minimum linewidth/spacing: 2mil/2mil
  • Minimum borehole diameter: 0.1mm
  • Minimum laser borehole diameter: 0.075 mm
  • Maximum finished product size: 500mm X600mm
  • Surface treatment: OSP + chemical gold precipitation
  • Solder Resistance Color: Yellow
  • Specifications

Detailed introduction
Flexible Printing Circuit (FPC) is a highly reliable and excellent flexible printed circuit based on polyimide or polyester film. It has the characteristics of high wiring density, light weight and thin thickness. Mainly used in mobile phones, laptops, PDA, digital cameras, LCM and many other products.

Product characteristics

  • 1. It can bend, fold and winding freely. It can move and expand freely in three-dimensional space.
  • 2. It has good heat dissipation performance and can be used to reduce the volume.
  • 3. Realize lightweight, miniaturization and thinning, so as to achieve the integration of component device and wire connection.
  • 4. Applications: MP3, MP4 player, portable CD player, home VCD, DVD, digital camera, mobile phone and cell phone batteries, medical, automobile, aerospace and military fields.

Flexible Plate Processing Ability

FPC type: single panel, single-sided hollow-out board, double panel, double panel, three-layer – – six-layer laminate board, soft-hard bonding board
Thickness of Copper Foil for Soft Plate Substrate: 8um 12um 17.5um, 35um 70UM
Minimum linewidth/spacing: 2mil/2mil
Minimum aperture: mechanical drilling 4 mil (0.10 mm)
Maximum finished product size: 500mm X600mm
Surface treatment: chemical nickel gold, chemical tin, chemical silver, OSP, electroplated gold finger, tin plating, full plate gold plating
Weld resistance color: white, black, yellow, red, green, blue

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