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The Difference between Gold Deposition and Gold Plating

June 11, 2019

PCB manufacturers produce PCB boards when there are many surface treatment options, today’s edition gives you the difference between popular science gold and gold plating.

  • The crystal structure formed by gold deposition and gold plating is different when PCB board manufacturer produces PCB circuit board. The thickness of gold plating is much thicker than that of gold deposit. The gold plating will be yellower than that of gold deposit, and the customers are more satisfied.
  • Gold deposit of PCB circuit board produced by PCB manufacturer is easier to weld than gold plating, which will not cause bad welding and cause customer complaints. The stress of sunken gold sheet is easier to control, which is more conducive to bonding processing for products with bonding. At the same time, because the gold deposit is softer than the gold plating, so the gold deposit plate does not wear-resistant gold finger.
  • The PCB circuit board sunken gold plate produced by PCB manufacturer only has nickel and gold on the welding pad. The signal transmission in skin effect is that the copper layer will not affect the signal.
  • PCB printed circuit boards produced by PCB manufacturers have denser crystal structure and are not easy to oxidize than gold plated PCB printed circuit boards.
  • The PCB circuit board sunken gold plate produced by PCB manufacturer only has nickel and gold on the pad, so the combination of resistance welding and copper layer on the circuit is stronger. The spacing will not be affected when the project is compensated.
  • PCB board manufactured by PCB manufacturer has reached 3-4 MIL with the wiring becoming more and more dense. Gold plating is prone to short circuit. Only nickel and gold are on the pad of the sunken gold plate, so the short circuit of the gold wire will not be produced.
  • PCB boards manufactured by PCB manufacturers are generally used for relatively demanding boards with good smoothness. Gold deposits are generally used. Gold deposits generally do not appear after assembly. The smoothness and service life of sunken gold sheet are as good as those of gold plated sheet.

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